Sebastian Xavier is a London based artist , known for his imaginative and fantastical pieces inspired by his childish love of stories and a thirst for adventure. Xavier practices photography, illustration, writing and filmmaking, hence being called “a mixed media storyteller”. Since then, his exuberant and surreal works have been featured in exhibitions across the globe, and the pages of magazines. 

Xavier was born in Hong Kong in 1996 and began telling stories as a young boy. Much of his early youth was spent watching films, in the pages of comic books, and the worlds of his own imagination. Eventually, he began to bring these worlds to life via illustration and writing. As Youtube began, Xavier started to make short films that inspired him to study Art & Film at University of Kent. During this time, Xavier took up fashion photography as a side career. After his degree, he continued to hone his craft as photographic assistant to Haris Nukem in London. Xavier eventually moved on to fine art photography and began to build creative relationships which endure to this day.

He became known for his lavish tableaux and ambitious narrative driven shoots. Xavier explored the subjects of the nude, fusing contemporary and historic motifs in reference to art history and mythology. Reinterpreting classical imagery in a modern context, such as "Icarus". 

In recent times, Xavier has begun to merge his illustrations and photography to create even more extravagant worlds through mixed media. 

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